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Ghastly says hello! :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 4 2 Ghastly enjoying the outside :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 5 0 Ghastly (approved) :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 8 2 Tempest chillin :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 3 0 Noodle~Commission :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 1 1 Fallere at Home :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 2 1 Strawberry~Commission :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 2 3 Mon Alockrad Commission :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 1 0 Tempest~Wishdoll :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 1 2 Fallere Mortem~Headshot :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 3 3 Fallere Mortem~Wishdoll :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 2 4 Fallere :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 2 0 Wolf pair Red-orange :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 1 0 Winged wolf yellow :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 1 0 West Texas Sunset :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 0 0 Sarah Smiles :iconaniblue24:Aniblue24 1 0



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Blue Jay
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Just a college kid trying to get by at this point


Ghastly says hello!
Ghastly: Hi there! I'm Ghastly! Who are you? You have cool colors! Wanna be friends?
Ehes: Hi, we can be friends, I guess.

Ghastly loves to meet new wynglings! Here he meets his friend Ehes for the first time

Ehes is property of :iconmamylthecomet:
Ghastly is property of me

Fullbody +4
Gift +1
BG +1

6/11 Wyn
Ghastly enjoying the outside
Ghastly decided to take a stroll today and ended up in a lovely meadow!

+ 2 fullbody
+1 background
+3/5 Wyn
Ghastly (approved)

Name: Ghastly
Biological Sex: Male
Type: Standard
Creation: MYO Wyngrow
Hatch Location: The Nook
DOB: 2/13/17

Ghastly, despite his name is a fun loving and curious little wyngling, he loves to play with others and be out in the sunshine. He likes to be alone too, occasionally known to slink off to his bunk and spend hours reading books.
Ghast loves to play in the dirt and mud, he doesn't mind getting dirty, unless he has one of his precious books. All of his books are kept in pristine condition and he prides himself on that, he often goes and borrows books from Ms. Netty's.
He's not one for cold weather, often bundling up as much as possible, he loves scarves and vows he will buy on one day!
He really looks up to those who do earth and fire magic and hopes he can one day master both of those elements.

​2/2  Wyn 

Tempest chillin
My :iconwishdolls: Tempest laying on her back enjoying the sun, though I didn't have the energy to draw the sun.

Wishdolls by :iconaltersheep:
Well, I'm now out of that awkward high school stage and have been thrown into the awkward freshman in college stage. Oh how I don't miss this. I'm slowly getting it figured out, but slowly is better than never at all I guess. I have to give a big thanks to my friend CORVIDAE on here though. Without them I wouldn't have been able to start on digital art, and I do all I can to make Cor proud at my newly developing art skills, both traditional and digital.
College is not near as fun as it's made out to be in movies, in fact it kinda (really) sucks. I have friends who are having a fantastic time here and sometimes I can't help but resent them for having so much fun, but at least I have my close friends, my art, and my grades to try and keep my head above water.

Until next time, Jay.


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